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Delivery Driver Resume Reviews & Guide

Delivery Driver Resume Reviews & Guide Our resume builder will provide you with tips and examples about how to compose your resume summary. Our driver resume samples show a wonderful illustration of the way to condense your experience down to a single page. Then you must earn a comprehensive description of every facet of your work. To begin with, youve got to opt for a resume format that will permit you to present your work in an easily accessible method. Youre going to need a resume prepared and sent to employers if you are searching for a job for a pizza delivery driver. If youre searching for a career thats both challenging and rewarding, truck driving might be the best option for you. Something that only took a few hours can appear great on an expert trucking resume. Use the ideas shared above to create fantastic resumes and youll be way up to landing the shipping driver job that you want. How to Find Delivery Driver Resume It is not so much whether youve held a c onventional leadership position (such as manager or supervisor) but how well you may put certain skills into action. Dental assistant is also referred to as dental hygienist in some specific scenarios. So be certain to list the ideal certifications for the job that you desire If you need an excellent job which you would need to highlight all the skills which you know or have acquired working as a dental assistant. Based on your qualification, you are able to look for a multitude of available positions youre able to qualify for. High educational attainment isnt a prerequisite for the majority of employers. The Driver is accountable for the delivery of automotive parts to customers in a timely and secure manner when keeping the integrity of the brand by giving a high degree of customer services. Your truck driver resume must start out with a proactive career objective at which you can slightly touch on your major abilities or expertise to demonstrate your competency from the st art. Experienced driver with superior shipping service skills resumes stellar on-time shipping record. So when the hiring company hasnt provided a salary for work, we look at salary data from related businesses and locations to produce a fair estimate for what it is possible to anticipate. Many states need special industrial licenses. On your resume, list all of your delivery experience, for example, form of vehicle used. Get the Scoop on Delivery Driver Resume Before Youre Too Late So, the shipping driver is anticipated in order to multitask. Therefore, if you prefer to be a shipping driver, you must have an excellent driving record. A pizza delivery driver distributes pizzas and relevant products by driving a car, many times a light truck, van, vehicle or bike. Youre going to compose the fruchtwein outstanding shipping driver resume in history. Blended learning is a good learning shipping style. Consider a well-written resume as your very first delivery with informat ion to demonstrate that youre the ideal person for the position. So, it turned into a nice atmosphere. Becoming friendly, understanding, and ready to listen will get you quite a way. Normally, theres more to being a shipping driver than simply driving a van for delivering items. You will discover that youre even more skilled than you thought. So, it gave me a bit more edge, a bit more push. You should remain composed in any way times even when you are fatigued from the very long drive and keep focused on arriving at a resolution. A shipping drivers job is not quite as straightforward as driving from 1 place to another. New drivers learn a bulk of their skills in the first couple of years on the street. Regardless of the kind of material being transported, delivery drivers must have the ability to manage cargo responsibility and deliver their loads in time. Commercial drivers perform to a far higher voreingestellt of road safety, and they need to maintain a reputation for e xcellence in driver performance to keep a valid license. Delivery Driver Resume - Dead or Alive? A significant part your work for a Delivery Driver is going to be to interface with the recipients of the items which youre delivering. As a Shift Runner, its expected that you are going to be in a position to efficiently schedule the shifts of every employees and be sure that every employees will find a good share of job schedule. Delivery Driver Resume Sample It is crucial to show in your Delivery Sales resume that youve got the critical attributes to find the supervisor done right. The shipping driver is normally a very important member of the supply chain team.

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6 New Years Resolutions for a Better Personal and Professional Life in 2018

6 New Years Resolutions for a Better Personal and Professional Life in 2018 You returned to work bright and early on January 2nd, and I bet the first person you encountered in the break room turned to you, perky and upbeat, and asked So, what are your New Years resolutions for 2018?Did you have an answer ready?What inclines us toward making New Years resolutions, anyway? In attorney-speak,were dealing with what is called a bright-line point (derived from the bright-line rule), which means a definite cutoff point an exact moment in time, if you will that distinguishes the past from the future. January 1st is probably the most widely celebrated bright-line point in menschlich existence. We can practically feel the cosmic shift as the calendar transitions from old year to new, inspiring us toward self-reflection and personal improvement.But no matter how sincere and committed you may be about your resolutions, the statistical fact is youll abandon them by mid-February.What goes wrong? Why do so many of our resolutions fail? Most likely, there are several factors at work. Its important to think of resolutions in the same way we think of goals. In order to succeed in achieving any goal, the goal itself must have several vital characteristics.It must be behaviorally describable, reasonable, quantifiable, measurable, and set within a definite time frame. Oftentimes, our New Years resolutions are the exact opposite amorphous, unaccomplishable, and structureless.If you want yourresolutions to take root and flourish this year, start by wording them in a way that connotlagees both action and consequence. For instance, instead of saying, Im going to lose weight, say, Im going to practice healthful eating habits that include choosing lower-calorie options, and in so doing, I will reach my target weight by mid-April. Instead of saying, Im going to organize my office, say, On January 8th, I will begin the practice of always placing my most i mportant files in a special folder on my laptop where they will be instantly available when needed.Next, make sure you truly buy into your resolution. If you dont really care about your resolution, it will be very difficult to find the energy toachieve it. Sticking to New Years resolutions can be tough work If you halfheartedly say, I need to clean out my filing cabinet, but your filing cabinet doesnt actually bug you to the point of taking action, it probably isnt going to happen.Theres nothing wrong with doing some soul-searching and realizing that you really dont mind your messy desk, or that youve actually become friends with that pile of old trade journals in the corner of your office. Theyre your resolutions and no one elses, and if you are honest with yourself, you wont waste valuable time and energy pretending to care about things that dont really matter to you.Finally, be sure to have a little fun along the way Think of a few resolutions that will make you healthier, happie r, and mora satisfied with your life. We all toss a few of the old standbys into the mix, like promptly returning all phone calls or cleaning out my inbox each Friday, but my personal favorites and the ones that make me feel most triumphant when I accomplish them are the ones that make me a better person, both mentally and physically. Trust me When youre feeling great about yourself, the most amazing things seem to just happen in your life. Your work performance improves, your energy increases, youre more pleasant to be around, youre more likely to be noticed for promotion, and your self-esteem soars.I assume that youre going to come up with some of those typical resolutions on your own, so to add to your list of usual suspects, here are six out-of-the-box New Years resolution that are quantifiable, readily doable, and downright awesome Perhaps you should give them a try?1. Get Some Quality SleepYes, you, the busy person who doesnt have time for such nonsense. Let me tell you the honest truth about sleep You, just like every other mammal, need a certain amount of sleep in each 24-hour period.Kitty cats and possibly my college-age sons need 15-18 hours a day. Horses need about 2.5-3 hours. For humans, its8-9 hours. Its a biological programming thing, and you cant cheat Mother Nature. You need all of your sleep, every night, for a continuous 8-9 hours.Sleep allows all sorts of good things to happen. Your body repairs itself, big time, when youre sleeping. You grow new white blood cells to fight off infections. Your heart rate decreases, giving your hardworking heart muscles a tiny break. Your eyeballs relax and rehydrate. You dream, which is essential to your mental health. Your brain decides what to send to long-term memory and what to discard from the days activities. The research is extensive on this topic, and its indisputable You must have your sleep.To gain the optimum benefit from your sleep, do your best to go to bed at the same time and sleep the sa me amount of time each night.2. Make Sure Youre Properly FueledTheres so much information out there these days about what we should and shouldnt eat. Its no wonder so many of us throw in the towel (or the kale) and head for the Cheetos. However, if you think logically and listen to reason and to your body then youll know almost intuitively how to navigate through the grocery store or buffet line. Its not so difficult Each and every day, you need to eat some protein, carbohydrates, and, yes, fats. Theyre all essential to your health.Here are three super simple rules of thumbStick to lean proteins and low-glycemic carbs as much as possible, and avoid all trans fats.Weight gain, loss, or maintenance is a simple formula that you already know. To gain weight, you must eat more calories than you burn. To lose weight, you must eat fewer calories than you burn. To maintain your weight, you must eat the exact number of calories that you burn. We like to pretend its not that simple, but bel ieve me, thats how it works.In your heart of hearts, you know that if you cant pronounce the stuff that goes into your frozen TV dinner or your QuickTrip microwave burrito, its probably not really a food, and you probably shouldnt be eating it.Calm down about all the wacky diets and just eat sensibly. You already know how.3. Get Some ExerciseAgain, its easy to be overwhelmed by all the conflicting information about exercise, but just like diet, exercise doesnt have to be that complicated.If you cant do anything else, just move Take a walk. Do some stretching. Lift some weights and carrying small children and groceries does count. Before you tell me that you dont like to get sweaty, or you dont have the time, or work is more important than exercise, let me simplify things. Yes, there are recommendations for how much and what type of exercise you should get, butlets start with two uncomplicated guidelinesGet some aerobic exercise and some weight-bearing exercise each and every week. F ive days a week is a nice goal.Any amount of physical activity is better than noneJust get out there and do something. Youll feel better, youll have more energy, youll sleep better, youll reduce your chances of developing a myriad of nasty diseases, and youll be more productive, to name just a few proven benefits of exercise.4. Calm Your hausintern ChatterboxYou dont have to be the Dalai Lama to meditate. You dont even have to learn formal meditation methods to benefit from quieting your mind. Much like exercise, doing some amount of mind-calming practice in some form is better than doing nothing at all.Some people will tell you it must be done in the morning. Others will tell you that 15 minutes per day is optimal. I worry that these rules are simply easy excuses for not trying e.g., Im way too busy in the morning or I simply dont have 15 minutes to devote to meditating.Instead, heres what I suggestFind a quiet place, if possible, although you can also do this in Grand Central Sta tion if you have no other choice. Sit down on the floor, in a chair dont worry about where. Close your eyes, if you wish.Commit to 2-3 minutes of mind-calming per session. Dont even call it meditation unless you want to. You dont want to get all hung up on the name and then decide you dont have the skills to pull it off.As you relax, rather than thinking thoughts, put your mind in neutral. To do this, you can repeat a word (either silently or aloud) like love or peace. You can also say a calming phrase like I am bathed in a beautiful light, or you can slowly count from one to ten over and over. Counting, or using a word or phrase, is sometimes called your mantra.Know ahead of time that your mind will wander around and cook up all sorts of interesting things to think about and thats perfectly okay Itll happen, but that doesnt mean youre not reaping the benefits. It simply means that you have a human brain, programmed to stay active until you allow it to take a breather. When you no tice that youvestarted thinking thoughts again, simply return to neutral by going back to your mantra.Tryto practice mind-calming every day. If you miss a day, or a week, or even a year, you know what to do Love yourself and start again. The benefits of this practice are amazing Among them are lower blood pressure, better focus, and mood improvement.5. HydrateTalk about conflicting research. That old eight glasses per day standard is pretty much out the window. Dont even bother to look up whats replaced it youll only walk away confused. So let me shed some light on the subject and untangle a few things.Your body is made up of 60 percent water. Literally every system in your body needs water to function. If you become dehydrated, all sorts of bad things can happen, from headaches and constipation to impaired thinkingand kidney stones. Water helps regulate your body temperature, it improves your cognitive functioning, and it lubricates your joints. You need to increase your water inta ke when you exercise, if youre in a hot climate, or if youre at an altitude ofhigher than approximately 8,000 feet.But how much water should you be drinking?Current guidelines recommendwomen drink approximately 72 ounces/9 cups per day for men, its approximately 104 ounces/13 cups per day.The keyword is approximate. Were all different shapes, sizes, and ages, and the guidelines varyfor children, older adults, and pregnant or breastfeeding women, so check with your health care practitioner if you fall into one of those categories.Now, are you ready for some good news? You may have heard the alarming warning from a well-meaning newscaster that if youre thirsty, youre already seriously dehydrated. Well, thats not quite true. Our bodies are smart. They know when we need water and they tell us by becoming thirsty So the next time you realize that you really need a drink of water, dont panic. Just find some water and have a nice long drink. Youll be just fine, I promise.When someone a r eceptionist, your coworker, your grandmother, whoever offers you water,accept it. By simply making a commitment to drink all the water youre offered during the course of a day, youll increase your intake substantially.6. SmileIve saved the best for last. Not only is this my favorite resolution on the list, it is possibly also the most important for both you and everyone around you. Whats more, its easy, fun, and completely within your grasp. In essence, its the perfect resolution.Smiling, like laughing, is simply one of those things our bodies love to do. When you smile, a cascade of wonderful chemical fireworks goes off in your brain and your body. It doesnt even have to be areal smile to get the effects. Your brain doesnt distinguish between whether youre playing with a puppy or faking a smile at your annoying coworker. When your brain senses your facial muscles moving into smile position, it releases endorphins, which trigger a positive feeling in your body.The more you smile, t he more endorphins are released, and the happier you feel. Endorphins are also stress reducers and natural painkillers. Some studies show that endorphins work better than ibuprofen and acetaminophen.If all this good news isnt enough to make you smile, studies show that smiling people appear more attractive, approachable, and anspruchsvoll Studies also show that its nearly physically impossible for people to look at a smiling person and not smile themselves, so smiling is quite literally contagious.If you can manage to nail just one or two of these resolutions, you will improve your quality of life, your energy levels, and your ability to tackle challenges I guarantee it. Once youre feeling like the superhero you are, you can always add resolutions like leaping tall buildings in a single bound or seeing through walls with X-ray vision to your list.But maybe wait until next year for that.Denise Dudleyis the author ofWork It Get In, Get Noticed, Get Promoted. Connect with Dudley onFac ebook.

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I hope you will be treated unfairly

I hope you will be treated unfairlyI hope you will be treated unfairlyChief Justice John Roberts gave a remarkable commencement speech last monthNow the commencement speakers will typically also wish you good luck and extend good wishes to you. I will not do that, and Ill tell you why.From time to time in the years to come, I hope you will be treated unfairly, so that you will come to know the value of justice.I hope that you will suffer betrayal because that will teach you the importance of loyalty.Sorry to say, but I hope you will be lonely from time to time so that you dont take friends for granted.I wish you bad luck, again, from time to time so that you will be conscious of the role of chance in life and understand that your success is not completely deserved and that the failure of others is not completely deserved either.And when you lose, as you will from time to time, I hope every now and then, your opponent will gloat over your failure. It is a way for you to understand the importance of sportsmanship.I hope youll be ignored so you know the importance of listening to others, and I hope you will have just enough pain to learn compassion.Whether I wish these things or not, theyre going to happen.And whether you benefit from them or not will depend upon your ability to see the message in your misfortunes.Biblical for its repetition, emotional in its cadence, striking for its message, Chief Justice Roberts surprising address has the weighty timelessness of an in instant classic that will be repeated, quoted, cherished for many years ahead.Incredibly wise, incredibly inspiring.Im rooting for you

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What to Do When You Are Forced to Resign or Get Fired

What to Do When You Are Forced to Resign or Get FiredWhat to Do When You Are Forced to Resign or Get FiredWhen you are having issues at work, and the situation cant be resolved, you may be forced to resign as an alternative to being fired. What should you do if you are asked to resign? Is it better to resign and leave with a resignation on your resume or should you hold out and wait to be terminated? Resigning vs. Getting Fired There are several factors to consider when you resign versus being fired including eligibility for unemployment compensation, benefits, recommendations, a possibility of a severance package, what you can say in job interviews, and how the company describes your termination to prospective employers. If you are asked to resign, you dont need to give an immediate response. Take some time to consider the alternatives before you decide to resign or wait to be fired. Heres information on deciding on whether you should quit before you get fired. Options for Ke eping Your Job If you dont want to leave, there may be options for keeping your job. It cant hurt to ask whether there is anything you can do to stay on with the company. If there are performance issues, can a performance plan be implemented? Are there any work-related issues you can address? Can you be put on probation? Are there any other alternatives? If there are no options other than resigning or getting terminated, the next step is to see if your resignation is negotiable. What is the company going to offer you, if anything, to get you to leave? Some people who have gotten hefty severance packages simply because they didnt just resign when they were asked to. Know Your Rights Its important to know what your employee rights are when you lose or are about to lose your job. When youre not aya about your rights, the best place to start is with the company Human Resources department. Even if they are in the process of terminating your employment, they can answer questions let you know what company benefits you are eligible for and can guide you through the process of leaving employment. If you feel that you have been wrongfully terminated, discriminated against or havent been treated according to the law or company policy, you can get assistance. The US Department of Labor, for example, has information on each law that regulates employment and advice on where and how to file a claim. Your state labor department may also be able to assist. A labor lawyer can advise you, for a fee, and may be able to help negotiate with your employer. Heres information on your rights when your job is terminated and where to get help, if you need it. Negotiating Terms When youre forced to resign, youre going to have to leave your job one way or the other, but you may be able to negotiate your separation from employment. Since the company no longer wants you working for them, you may have somewhat of an advantage in the negotiations - unless you are about to be terminate d for cause. Ask about collecting unemployment, severance pay, and the continuation of health insurance benefits. Its important to find out whether you will be paid for unused vacation, sick and personal time if you resign - or if you are fired. Its also important to find out whether your health insurance benefits will continue. In some cases, employers will provide health insurance for a certain amount of time (30, 60 or 90 days, for example) after employment terminates. Severance Packages The company has no obligation to offer a severance package, however, depending on circumstances, a package may be offered, or you may be able to ask for severance. It certainly cant hurt to ask, and severance pay can help with expenses while you are seeking a new job. You may be able to negotiate continued health insurance benefits for a specific period of time. Also, the company may opt to allow you to collect unemployment and not contest your unemployment claim. Collecting Unemployment You may not be able to collect unemployment if you resign. If youre fired, depending on the circumstances, you may be eligible for unemployment. If you were fired because the job wasnt a good fit, because your position was terminated due to company layoffs or because of reasons like poor performance on the job, for example, you might qualify for unemployment benefits. Getting References References can be an issue when you are forced to resign. How is the company going to discuss your termination with prospective employers who check your references? If the company isnt going to give you a good reference, will they not give a reference at all? Many companies only confirm dates of employment, job title, and salary. If thats the case, the circumstances of your termination of employment wont be mentioned by your previous employer. What to Say During a Job bewerbungsgesprch Before you say why you resigned during a job interview, be sure that your response matches what your previou s employer is going to say. It will be a hiring red flag if what you say doesnt mesh with what the company says. Review sample interview answers you can tailor to fit your circumstances when you are asked why you resigned from your job. Be direct and focus your interview answer on the future, especially if your leaving wasnt under the best of circumstances. Dont Blame Yourself Finally, dont feel bad. In many cases, there is absolutely nothing you could have done to change the situation. Employees are forced to resign or fired every day, and once the company has made the decision that you need to go, there is little you can do to change their mind. Instead, look at this an opportunity to move on and to start over in a job that is a better fit. The bottom line when it comes to deciding on whether to resign is that its important to get the best deal you can and to try to leave on terms that dont negatively impact your future employment prospects. The information contained in this a rticle is not legal advice and is not a substitute for such advice. State and federal laws change frequently, and the information in this article may not reflect your own states laws or the fruchtwein recent changes to the law.

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How to Choose the Right Course for Your Career Stage

How to Choose the Right Course for Your Career Stage How to Choose the Right Course for Your Career Stage In a competitive market where it seems like every professional training firm is offering a project management course, how do you know which one is right for you? Let’s look at some of the options available so you can make the best choice for your career stage and experience. Courses for New Entrants Just joining the job market? You’re in luck! There are a huge number of project management courses aimed at college leavers and those who want to make a career in project management. In fact, you can specialize in project management even before you join the workforce by taking a project management degree. These degrees, which are often affiliated with the schools of business or civil engineering/construction, provide a rounded education that will prepare you for joining the workforce in a project management role. If a degree course isn’t right for you at the moment, there are a number of short courses you can take to give you an introduction to the language and processes of project management. Choose a reputable training provider in a location that’s convenient to you. If you can’t get to a training center, check out our pick of the best online project management courses for training you can do from the comfort of your home. These courses can help you take the first steps towards securing a job in project management, such as by becoming a project coordinator. Good choices: Short courses, degree courses Courses for Early-Career Professionals If you have a project management job and you are early in your career, a solid professional certification or attending training can help you springboard into managing larger and more complex projects more quickly. You probably don’t have much experience in managing projects yet and that means some of the courses available to more experienced professionals are not open to you right now. You don’t need any prior experience to attend a project management course and take the PRINCE2  Foundation and Practitioner exams. You don’t need any experience to apply for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)  credential exam either (although you will need to prove that you have done some training in that case). Both these options will give you a solid foundation from which to grow your professional project management skills. You’ll probably be forming a pretty good idea of the industries you enjoy working in. Some industries are more advanced in their use of Agile project management techniques like Kanban. If you are going to work in digital project management, for example, it would be a good idea to get comfortable with Agile tools and processes. Formal training in these areas can help, whether or not they lead to a certification. It will also show employers that you have the ability to work in an Agile environment, which could help your career progression in that area. In addition to formal project management training, it’s also a good idea to check out soft skills and leadership training in areas like: Conflict managementNegotiating and influencingLeadershipCommunications. These are some of the top skills that good project managers have. Building your soft skills will make it easier to work with your team members, project sponsor, and key stakeholders, which overall should make it easier for you to complete your projects successfully. Good choices: CAPM, PRINCE2, Agile courses Courses for Mid-Career Professionals At this point in your career, you have got a number of years of experience under your belt. By now you may have already attended professional training and taken some certificated courses. However, one thing is certain about project management and the business world and that is that things never stay still for long. Now is a great time to be continuing to invest in your professional development. If you are keen to take on a senior leadership position then having credentials will certainly help. In some cases, it may even be required. By now you have the experience that would allow you to take courses that require a certain amount of years doing the job of a project manager. The Project Management Professional (PMP)  application process, for example, requires you to demonstrate that you have gained 7,500 hours leading and directing projects (or 4,500 hours if you have a 4-year degree). There are also other formal credentials that allow you to specialize in particular technical project management skills like risk management or scheduling. These can be helpful if you want to prove your expertise in a particular area or if you are ready to specialize in your career and want to develop deep domain knowledge. If you have a specific next step job in mind, be sure to check out the requirements for that and align your training. Good choices: PMP, some degree courses, specialist courses in particular areas, such as PMI-RMP. Courses for Senior Project Professionals As senior leaders, perhaps in a Project Management Office leadership role, or working on significant transformative business change projects, you might feel as if there is nothing more that you can learn! That isn’t the case, of course, and there are always benefits to putting yourself out there and challenging yourself to learn something new. Perhaps look at taking a coaching qualification so you can better support your team members. At this point in your career, you may want to expand your knowledge into operational areas and to learn more about different business units. It’s a good time to be looking at executive education. There are plenty of MBA courses that provide all-round business education to senior leaders with experience, some of which would allow you to specialize in project management if you chose to. Universities also offer shorter certificate or diploma courses aimed at executives who don’t have the time to study for a full degree, so take a look at those too. Good choices: MBA and executive degree/university courses, business management courses There are lots of project management courses available to you, regardless of your experience running projects. It’s always a good idea to invest in your career, so do your research and pick a course that is relevant to your current role, your career aspirations and go for it!

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How to Get Your Music Demo Heard by Record Labels

How to Get Your Music Demo Heard by Record Labels How to Get Your Music Demo Heard by Record Labels So youve recorded your demo - now what? Now you need to get your demo in the hands of the people who can help you take it to the next level. But with so many people trying to get their demos heard, how can you make sure your demo wont get lost in the shuffle? Follow these simple steps to move your demo to the top of the pile. Do Your Research Before you start sending out your demo, you need to compile a list of labels who might be interested in hearing it. Sending your hip-hop demo to an indie rock label is a waste of time and money. What bands do you like? What labels are they on? What labels deal with the kind of music you play? Spend some time online researching artists you consider to be similar to yourself and the labels that work with them.   Learn Demo Policies One you have your short list of labels, you need to learn each labels policy on demos. Some labels, especially larger labels, will not accept unsolicited demos for legal reasons - they worry about people sending them demos, and then later suing them, claiming their songs have been stolen. Most labels have demo policies clearly displayed on their sites. Find out: Are unsolicited demos accepted?Acceptable demo formats (CD, mp3 clips, thumb drives, etc.)Demo mailing addressIs there a specific demo (AR) rep to whom you should address your package?Follow up rules - OK to call? OK to email? Keep it Short and Sweet Remember, even small labels are inundated with demos, and many labels do listen to everything they get. Making their job easier will only help your case. Your demo package should include: A short demo. Go for two to three of your best songs. Anything longer wont get listened to.Your demo should be clearly labeled with your name and email address (NOT your number - youre more likely to get a response via email).SHORT band bio. Keep it on the  subject and to the point. No need to go for My parents have known since birth I would be a musician...Press clippings, if available Follow Up Once you have sent your demo out to labels, you need to follow up with the labels to make sure they have received them  and to solicit their opinions. If the label has a demo follow up policy on their website, make sure you stick to that. Otherwise, an email a month after you have sent the demo is a good place to start. It may take months for a label to actually get around to playing your demo, but a friendly, occasional email will help your demo stand out from the pack. Unless you have been told differently by the label, Dont call. It puts people on the spot and wont win you any friends. Stick to email. Above all,  dont guilt-trip the AR staff because they havent yet listened.   Steel Yourself Sending out demos can be a little frustrating. Often, despite your best attempts at a follow-up, you just wont even hear back from some people. You are also likely to hear no a lot. Dont despair. It only takes one yes. If you hear no from someone, ask for feedback, advice, and suggestions of other labels who may like your music. Again, you wont get this advice from everyone, but asking never hurts, and you may end up with the piece of advice that turns everything around for you. Treat every no as a chance to learn something that could turn that no into a yes in the future. Keep in Touch When you do hear no from a label, that doesnt mean you have to scratch them off your list. Include labels you like on your emailing list, which should include an opt-out option, to let them know what is happening with your band. If you record a new round of songs, it is perfectly fine to send a new demo to a label that has rejected you in the past. If youre playing a show in the town in which a particular label is based, invite them to the show. Getting people to know your name is half the battle. Mind Your Manners How many times have you sent an email out or made a phone call about your band only to be ignored? It happens to everyone - and it happens a lot. Thats why it is so great when people actually take the time to share some advice with you or talk to you about your demo. When it happens - say thank you. Not only is it the decent thing to do (youd be surprised how many people dont bother with the whole gratitude thing), it puts a little goodwill in the bank for you. Who do you think is more inclined to help you out in the future - someone who took some time out to share some advice with you and who was rewarded with a thank you, or someone who tried to help you out, only to receive no reply from you? Exactly. Turn That Frown Upside Down As I said earlier, the word no is one youre bound to hear a lot of when you send out demos. You cant take it personally, and you cant let it discourage you. When a label turns you down, most of the time it comes down more to your kind of music not being a good fit for the label or to the label not having any room in their schedule for new releases. When you get turned down, consider your demo, decide if there was anything you could have done differently that might have made a difference, and then learn from it and move on to the next label. End of story. Sending out demos can be a little bit stressful, but you can increase your chances of getting your demo to the right people by following these demo sending tips. Above all else, remember to follow the demo rules of the label and keep your demo short - youll win instant friends at the label when you make their job easier in this way. More Tips for Getting Your Demo Heard It used to be the case that  record labels didnt expect to hear professional recording quality on demos. The idea was that a great song shines through in the simplest presentation. With the proliferation of sophisticated home studios using the same digital audio workstations the big guys use, thats all changed. Present the best work you can; everything about your presentation counts. Have a professional presentation.  Take the time to print up a band bio that is clearly written and free of spelling errors. Jotting a few things about your band on the back of a napkin and tossing it into a package wont cut it. If you have press clippings, make a copy of each one a separate piece of paper and bind the pages together. Make a database of contacts.  Keep a list of every label to whom you send your demo, and of every person you talk to about your demo, whether the conversation is positive or negative. You never know who will be able to help you sometime down the line. Pick songs with strong beginnings.  When you demo goes into the CD player, if the song doesnt grab the listener out of the gate, then the listener is likely to press next. Dont go for the slow burners on your demo. Pick the songs that grab people on the first listen, from the first note.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Developing a Successful Internship Program

Developing a Successful Internship Program Developing a Successful Internship Program June is the time when thousands of college students will be hitting the ground as they flock to employers across the country and abroad to begin their summer internships. At this time, students may be feeling a little apprehensive, while employers may be concerned about what they can do to keep their interns busy. Employers should keep in mind the definition of a good internship in order to be able to set one up for students working with them over the course of the summer. A successful internship requires not only a good deal of effort on the side of the intern, but managers and supervisors must also put in some work to ensure that the intern gets a meaningful experience. On behalf of students, we are always working with them on things they can do to become a better intern. For example, we talk about the values and skills that employers look for in a good intern. We also talk about workplace etiquette, since the workplace environment is usually much different than what they are used to in a college setting. As a supervisor, you too can prepare beforehand to create an atmosphere where students can learn and hopefully make a positive contribution to the organization. Making an internship a win-win situation for both employers and students is part of the beauty and value of successful internships. Develop a Clearly Defined Job Description No one works well with little or no direction. This is especially true for college students who come into the internship with very little experience and understanding of the expectations the employer has for them as an intern. It is with this first step that supervisors can begin the planning process in order to ensure that their interns will be successful. Students want to do a good job  and employers who define the work assignments and their expectations of what they hope the intern will accomplish will enable their interns to be successful and be a major contributor when working on company projects. An actual job description can be very helpful not only defining the internship but also when evaluating performance at the middle and end of the actual internship. Schedule Regular Performance Reviews Schedule regular performance reviews to provide students with an honest critique so they can measure how they are doing. A good performance review is an opportunity to help then intern learn and gives them a true measure of if they are meeting an employers expectations. Don’t make the mistake of using a performance review to outline everything the intern is doing wrong. You’ve probably heard of the sandwich approach used when evaluating employees or when giving constructive criticism, so be sure to use this approach when evaluating your intern. This is a very simple approach where you offer your intern praise on work he or she has accomplished so far, then add some constructive criticism to help them to improve, followed by more praise to let them know they are doing well and are meeting expectations. Keep Your Intern Busy Developing short and long-term projects for the intern will ensure that your intern will stay engaged and do their best on the job. As employers often complain about interns using work time to make personal calls and emails (plus just surfing the internet or checking their friend’s status on Facebook), interns often complain about not having enough work to do or being given work that is menial and doesn’t engage them in concrete assignments that will benefit both them as an intern and the employer. As an employer, don’t make this #1 mistake of not providing enough work for your intern to do over the course of their internship. Help Your Intern Find a Mentor Within the Organization Having a mentor as an intern can really save the day. With so much new learning taking place at the start of an internship, a mentor can help the student navigate the waters of a new job much more quickly than trying to learn everything on their own. A good mentor can be invaluable for interns just learning the ins and outs of the trade. Make Sure You Are Aware of and Follow All Labor Laws All for-profit companies need to be aware of the six criteria that qualify an internship to be unpaid. It is expected that most for-profit companies will pay their interns a fair wage or they could find themselves in an expensive lawsuit that could cost them millions of dollars. Provide Opportunities for Students to Participate in Social Gatherings   Offering opportunities for students to participate in fun activities is a great way to make interns feel as if they are a valuable part of the team. Having time to meet with employees and other interns can greatly enhance the work that they do and motivate them to do a good job. Many employers schedule outings and social gatherings for their interns as well as having the whole team participate in volunteer work that gives them the chance to work together for some charitable cause. Show Appreciation for the Work that Your Interns Do Nothing builds self-esteem better than to feel appreciated for who you are and what you do. Interns that know their employers value them as individuals  and are also fully invested in helping to make their internship successful, will have a better experience and will do better on the job. Provide Lots of Opportunities for Students to Ask Questions As trainees working in a learning environment, it’s important for supervisors to encourage their interns to ask questions. Nothing is more frustrating than being on a job and feeling that there is nowhere to go to get your questions answered. Developing and maintaining a good working relationship starts by developing mutual trust from the very start of an internship which will occur if the intern feels comfortable going to their supervisor for answers.